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of a milder type than are ordinarily encountered. If constipation exists

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Dy\iB Carter's careful studies have shown that by inoculation of the

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action of the heart is tumultuous ; the sounds on auscultation are short,

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thoroagh appreciation of the arinary phenomena. The arine is dimin-

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Bri^^ht's disease. With a circulation too forcibly carried on. as iu hv-

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wound closed by antiseptic gauze or a pledget of cotton. Turlington's

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oat diabetes. Calculus, with atrophy, may or may not be associated

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phologic elements of the pyelitis (corpuscles, desquamated epithelium,

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the large intestine in 12.9 per cent., in the vermiform appendix in 2.5

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day. As regards the mode of administration, the total daily amount

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pressed upon by the effusion, thus impeding to a greater or lesser extent

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subvarieties. The disease may be limited to a single joint {nKmartk-

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spaces are wide ; the ribs slope at a sharp angle from the sternum, mak-

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disproportionate reduction of the hemoglobin as compared with tke

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succeeds to previons cooBtipatiott, and drenching sweats to a dry skin.

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Complications. — The intestines often become involved, and usuifly

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limbs, and, rarely, convulsions ; quite often, however, there is no warn-

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ally intensified, and finally lead to a fatal termination.

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It is also difficult to distinguish tuberculous broncho-pneumonia from

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a disease not to be distinguished from primary or idiopathic vaccinia.

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many days (occasional vomiting, unnatural peevishness, constipation, etc.).

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ters Rene, 19 and Ellen, 16; sons Matt, 14 and Tim, 12.

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eventually arise, as glossiness of the skin and an impaired growth of

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and, especially in specific cases, potassium iodid. A general tonic and sup-

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stage of efi'usion ; also restlessness, peevishness (unlike the dulness ob-

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{c) Complications increase the death-rate considerably. Of these,

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matters. The poison is probably a toxin, &nd it is quite possible to

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the fungus by microscopic examination. Only very rarely are portkw

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gangrene, or carbuncle. The attack sets in with headache, deliriim,

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other pressing tumor, and should' never be neglected. A passaze ••!

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pathogenetic agents passing from the throat to the ear through the

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exudation, in which leukocytosis is marked, and from all suppurative