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on emetics or purgatives to arrest pain and to limit the effect of the poison

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tion, and want of firmness between the epiphysis and shdft. The muscles

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ish-gray, structureless matter. When the foci are numerous and close-

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slight splenic enlargement. In a large proportion of the cases, how-

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Both in experimental and pathologic diabetes hyperglykemia may be

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ratory sound. Phonation and expiration are practically unchanged. It

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sation may be lost, and, roughly speaking, the upper level of anesthesia

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the cervical, mesenteric, etc., as the case may be — and this for the

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If at the expiration of two months the condition of the patient in-

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impairment or loss of temperature — and pain-sense, with retention

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disease cases occurring in a family or in institutions should be isolated,

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The disposition may be acquired, but of the conditions that may leid

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obstinate, habitual constipation, and occurs especially in females and

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alterative, and easily assimilable and palatable fats and tonics may also

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and the hard pulse. The transition of the disease from the earlier to