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skull, accompanied by laceration of the dura mater.

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College and Hospital, but resigned from the latter position in 1868..

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symptoms very similar to polymyositis is sometimes excited by a peculiar

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is to be published by George S. Davis of Detroit, Mich. On

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ing, Merrimac Street, Lowell. Residence, 4 Park Street.

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2. Convulsive somnambulism, which is characterized by un-

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one, the question has been raised of self-mutilation carried

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Dr. John received his early education at Blackheath and Bishop 's-

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on minor surgery in the Detroit Medical College in 1871,

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of Tuberculosis in France, sent out under the auspices of the Rocke-

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Dispensary (usually once per week) for a period of about three

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fills a similar position in the Montefiore Home. In 1882 he was one

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a drenching rain one night, since which time he had been more

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trustees of the new institution urged him to accept the appointment

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In 1877 Governor Robinson appointed him a manager of the then

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He has been president of the local medical societies, vice-president