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and minute vesicles inside the cheeks and lips from projecting mucous

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tli«' ri^'Iit \i'iitri<'l»'. chirlly non-jiniL^rt-s- ing the left ventricle, and pri»j:n??*i^^-

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purulent, hectic fever develops, leading to asthenia, and the latter con-

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cause of the complaint is removable, the dietary need not be rigi«i at the

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of potassium-chlorate washes (gr. x-xx to 5j — 0.648-1.296 to 3iO—

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tility of the Inn^ is not overcome by the fluid that collects in the pleural

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»iten results from obstructions in the nose and from persistently enlarged

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culous poor are a prime necessity. I quite agree with Flick in recom-

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convalescence from acute infections diseases. I have seen 2 instisCM

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program of information directed to all physicians and pharmacists concerning the

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be rendered alkaline by sodium bicarbonate or borate in a 3 per cent,

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It may also be brought about either by conditions that produce brain-


merely of a slight general indisposition, lasting a day or more. Rarely,

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therapeutic assistance. High tension is to be met by the cautious use

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Executive Committee and Council, shall serve three-year terms of office and shall

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cosa is evidenced by sibilant and sonorous r^les. This form occurs in

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(0.1), of potassium iodid is given to the patient, care being taken that

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It is associated with hypertrophic cirrhosis of the liver.

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secondary event, its clinical features must not be confounded with tW

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that occur in the course of these cases, more or less hemiparesis commonly

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phragm to the peritoneum. Bronchitis is sometimes present, but is rarely

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hydrocarbons are urgently needed, but they must be taken with care

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are met with immediately below the middle of the clavicle, extending

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Delafield describes '^a special form of lobar pneumonia.'' He contends

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what lowered and not prolonged. Im- longed and arterial pressure incwiwd

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one of the extremities. There may be paralysis of the third nerve, with

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lie accoant of the local symptoms and treatment is also included in the

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tially belong. It is an almost constant secondary process in chronic

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n occupation involving muscular strain {e. g. blacksmiths, draymen, sol-

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be made, however, to completely establish the diagnosis, even when dis-

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