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acteristic feature. The face, particularly the nose, now swells, and a

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has taken ])lace into the kidneys, and may lead to nephritis.

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irditis frequently occurs in the young and middle-aged, and is only

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while the pulse grows small, very frecjuent, and finally almost vanishes.

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of calomel (gr. ^-^ — 0.008.-0.010, repeated hourly until about gr. 1

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any specific book is allowed. Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner

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serious, and may be the cause of an unfavorable termination, even after

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cease to respond to the faradic current, and soon respond in an abnormal

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(lobular pneumonia, hypostatic congestion of the lungs, intestinal hem-

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room for at least eight weeks or until desquamation has been completed.

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occur at any time in the course of typhoid fever, it is most common be-

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serve to regulate the bowels, to dej)lete the engorged gastro-inte«tioa!

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tion and flow of saliva, with a fetid breath and swollen tongue, foUoi.

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tuberculous lesion is most probably present in these cases before the

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toms (tetanic rigidity of the muscles, convulsions, and paralysis) develop

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IMir|uaination b(>gins after eruption has Desquamation begins earlier, oflen before

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tors are hysteria, anemia, neurasthenia, chlorosis, and toxic ageanM

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to occlude the physical signs of hepatic enlargement. The cancerous

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tions is a pyelitis : this may be simple catarrhal, diphtheritic, or purulent,

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arterio-sclerosis, cardiac hypertrophy with considerable functional dis-

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duration bein;^ considerably more than one year. Its duration may F*

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followed melena. The blood does not appear in the evacuations of the

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attack of cholera is the result depends both upon the size of the poison-

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found an excess of leukocytes that soon show ameboid activity ; also

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of the isthmus, and ligature of the thyroid arteries have been practised

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Occurs first on the face. On the hands and feet. In wheals on arma and k^

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geneous, anemic, or '' bacon-like *' surface presents itself, particularly in

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setting in without a specially severe local lesion. Vomiting and high

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elements. In a smaller number of cases it is thinned, particularly in the

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a motor tonic and stimulant (tr. nucis vom.) for the bromids or nerve-

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Quantitative estimation of certain constituents is desirable.


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>f insomnia. Headache, vertigo, UnnituB aurium^ mu9cce volitanteSj and

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in great numbers, the blood may show great similarity to that of lym-

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has given the name hydrophobia to the disease, and springs from the

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out (at bed-time or early in the mornings) with a 2 per cent, solalion of

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engorgement a|)pcar. As in the case of aortic regurgitation, so in u

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