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(2) In children the eff'usion early becomes purulent in many instances,

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and a ehan»re to the eountrv or to a moderate elevation in summer aw

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tion engorgement of the viscera is noted, especially of the brain. The

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sii^litt'st tendency to increasing debility. On the other hand, in un-

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liarly liable, and any deeply-seated focus of irritation, as an area of

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rather than curative. Relaxing expectorants are to be avoided, owing

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pericarditis with copious effusion, and, as before stated, these diseasa

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though usually not until a week has passed. There is an ichorous dis-

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{a) Joint and Muade Pains, — The muscular pains may be anywhere.

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more frequently caused by certain chronic complaints and certain diath-

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perhaps to an equal extent with heart-degeneration and exhaustion.

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large numbers for an indefinite period of time, postmortem examinations

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Mechanical Influence of the Lesion. — The reflux current passes fron

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the symptoms, and I have rarely found it necessary to give a second

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pascoflair 425 mg (passionsblumenkraut-trockenextrakt)

Ivmphomata. Infarction and abscess occur in rare instances. The

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Metastatic growths occur, but are very rarely sufficiently large (except

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eren an entire lung (except the extreme anterior margin), may be formed,

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times with the "railed*' or transitional epithelium usually seen early in

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Pathology. — The gross anatomic characteristics and peculiarities

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probable that the disease may be communicated by domestic animals

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symptoms exhibit noticeable variations, according to the special etiology

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tions. To avoid new lesions the spray alone should be used, and for the

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of the duct by gall-stones (paroxysmal pain, gastric disturbance, rise of

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Pathology and Etiology. — This is an intense form of acme gv-

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cautious use of the motor depressants, while its converse, paresis, de-

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may follow attempts at swallowing, but here the previous history suffices

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on the neuron-body, this view being consonant with the complete recov-

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of the advent itia. The intima or media may become lacerated, and finallv

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Sudden cessation of the pain is usually followed by rapid disappearance

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when handled, especially on touching the lower limbs. About the same

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the invaginated portion ; or a fatal termination may be ushered in by

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is probably a direct result of the presence in the urine of the causal

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also be shown on the skin, corresponding to the lines of pressure ei-

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purpose copper sulphate (gr. x — 0.648) in divided doses (gr. ij or iij —

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with the numerous dust-particles that gain entrance along with tin

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had better go elsewhere if such a course be practicable. Every available

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out having learned the cause or character of the obstruction, cathartics

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In delicate children a severe attack, especially if it is accompanied

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Sudden emotional excitement and prolonged mental over-exertiQi