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liNBe excrescences shows a bright-red color, which has usually disappeared

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of the cool sponging is greatly enhanced by the simultaneous applica-

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and a fluctuating tumor may be palpated. The enlargement may be

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Treatment. — This varies according to the cause : the latter needs

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ment, and the induction of fainting by venesection is a measure worthy

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pulse becoming decidedly more rapid, and there may be general bron-

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amount of serum present. (6) Sero-fibrinovs (comparatively infrequent),

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of intestine in active peristalsis above the seat of stricture being evi-

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liver, giving rise to hepatic abscess ; this occurred in a case of my own


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ally result from the transformation of a rose-colored spot. Extensive

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area, midway on a line between the anterior superior iliac spine and

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ing to involvement of the base occur need not be discussed here, sine*

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the disease in the group caused by this organism. Netter, however, has

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processes in children, sui-h as dentition, and at puberty, particularly

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cases in which the symptoms are suggestive of epistaxis. Bleeding maj

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those of more or less compression of the lungs. There is an extension

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diagnosis. In biliary colic there may be jaundice, and pain referred to

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ribs, or tumors of the ribs or adjacent structures (the pylorus, omen-

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in aged males, and especially in those suffering from hypochondriasis.

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light febrile attacks are not uncommon. Angina pectoris is an infrequent

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the brain and cord, which in turn cause epilepsy, it is in reality a deter*

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sensation, as analgesia, anesthesia, or loss of temperature-sense.

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perforation occurred in 114; and according to Fitz, who tabulated

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help to distinguish it from this latter condition. The etiologic factors

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feature, the administration of stimulants with a free hand completely

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«tc., according to the special indication. Every effort should be made to

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Pleurisy, however, is not infrequent, particularly as an associated condition

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Pain in the affected side is in most cases developed within a few hours

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along the duct to the duodenum, the latter excite inflammation. In cod-

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although the symptoms have been known to persist for twelve days oe-

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essential. The recommendation is intended to discour-

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To a child of two years or over not less than 800 or 1000 units should

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