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the homes of the people printed matter in a form suitable for preservation.

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of lithium are efficient diuretics, but have no other claim to virtue in

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and gums, of rare occurrence, usually asymmetric, and ending fatally in

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Definition. — A circumscribed collection of pus in the hepatic

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enough water to make 500 Solution II. : 173 gm. of Rochelle

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(or one only) may be dilated as intracranial pressure develops ; patchy

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of chronic bronchitis a new group of symptoms, as a rule, immediately

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ing, and the laparotomist should be called immediately. Operation

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lition the term of '^ putrid sore mouth ''), occasional slight hemorrhages

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practically normal. The liver may present a uniform enlargement, the

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stage, and about the twenty-first day of the disease, in favorable cases

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Symptoms. — The common indications of secondary anemia are the

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Motion with the so-called '^ gastric crisis," which may be due to cramps

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of the patient be so markedly improved. The weakened cou'lition of

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The sacral plexus and its branches may be damaged by pelvic neo-

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emncer has been found to be abundant in the marrow of the bones is

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are exceedingly rare, the neighboring lymph-glands being very generally

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asote (gr. ^ — 0.0324) thrice daily. Germain S6e has recently found stron-

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pleura the inflammatory process may be propagated through the dia-

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great relaxation of the muscles. As soon as expedient — each case being

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entirely. In this manner fresh exacerbations are most probably averted.

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which his food-supply and his sanitary surroundings are deserving oi

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will, under the pressure of the intestines filled with air or water, return

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bj great gland-tumors within the chest. Under such circumstances the

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lumho-ahdominal neuralgia is not so difficult. The differentiation of the

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or 1015. The color is darker than normally, and is usually smoky-red

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Prognosis. — This is generally unfavorable, though in unilateral