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lies (sodium sulphate in dram — 4.0— doses taken on an empty stomach

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variations as regards the seat of attack and the severity of the poison-

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presence of carbon particles stored in the protoplasmic cells. Thelun;-

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veakness of the muscular coat, sometimes owing to its partial destruc-

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e sitting posture. In young subjects precordial prominence, with efface-

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the sexual organs. This complication lengthens the course of the attack

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they vary from the smallest particle of sand to that of a goose-egg.

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later of i)alatal and j)harvngeal paralysis in a supposed case of neeroric

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nated by the history, the character of the stools, the absence of violent

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(cribed. In nearly all cases signs of pleurisy may be noted, as is

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the occurrence of the disease are especially puzzling, and these will re-

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bowel, small enemas of starch-water (Jij — 64.0), with laudanum (TTl xx

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mtion of pneumonotomy for pulmonary abscess the reader is referred

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the organ whitish, lymphomatous growths or nodules from the size of a

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Richardson said “tight restrictions’’ in the senator’s

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pressure, in some cases relief may be obtained. Electricity and mas-

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appreciable, or when in the recumbent posture on the left side the ele-

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provement of the local symptoms in such cases at least, as suggestive of

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%i the heart. The mediastinum also loses the normal traction-force of

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«K»^atirig5 leaving tbe f#atient profoundly exhausted. Subsequently the

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sional termination of the pyrexia by lysis, with an accompanying im-

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gall-bladder. In some instances the pain is so severe as to produce

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sufi'cr from syncopal attacks or become unconscious for hours at n

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does not extend beyond a radius of a few feet from the patient. (<?) A

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may be made up of one or two brief febrile periods, and their resemblance

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from atheroma the first sound is often surprisingly feeble. Myoi-ariiJ

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therefore, that, though less liable to be transferred by contact than certain

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