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especially when the pseudo-membranous exudate of the latter is limiteJ
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in warm sheets or blankets and warmly covered in bed. Hot vapor or
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nective tissue present or the degree of thickening of the layers van«
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usual seats and present elsewhere, so that the sides of the trunk, the
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Of the special senses, nephritic retinitis is often the earliest evidence
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at least. When defervescence is much prolonged and the patient be-
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convulsions, finally merging into stupor) are usually, though not neces-
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tration of strychnin, will promptly eflFect a cure in the incontinence of
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other, and it is often hemorrhagic, while in the chronic form there is
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* The Americfin Year-honk of Metlicine and Surgery, 1896, p. 1013.
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outward and consequent diplopia. In nuclear lesions the external
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tumor (which can oft;en be grasped), and the expansile pulsation on pal-
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upper epigastric region. Rhythmic expansile pulsation of the veins
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occasionally been observed, appearing like degenerations due to tbe
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rate often, accompanied by slight burning and vesical tenesmus, due to
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Pathology. — The changes in the brain-tissue are precisely those de-
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part, of lime-salts. The center of the nucleus generally consists of
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are furnished by the peculiarities of the pulse, the age of the patient,
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(4) The inhalation of food-particles and other substances often serra
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debility, anorexia, diarrhea, and other vague symptoms, finally consult
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Peyer's plaques. Next they invade the mesenteric glands, reaching the
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other acute contagious diseases, however, tuberculosis is not trans-
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Symptoms. — The symptoms of carcinoma of the lung vary accord-
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large sero-fibrinous eifusion. The cough and other symptoms are fi^
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out spasms. This lasts from twelve to eighteen hours, <luring which
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The germs seem to be located at first in the secretions of the respiratory
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recur if errors in diet be committed or if peritonitis supervene. During
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that from the working classes come the greatest number of cases. The
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We are more familiar with the ordinarv fainting-attack. When cerebral
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substitutes (cold pack and cold spongings) fail to effect a reduction of
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or six months after the symptoms of portal obstruction- appear.
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twitchings or spasmodic movements of a more pronounced type, and
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cerned in reflex movements ; others probably cross to the gray matter of
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