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)ver IS unreliable, however, as & criterion of the seTerilj
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nective tissue present or the degree of thickening of the layers van«
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Coma may come on gradually as well as during the convulsive attacks.
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have also seen good results follow the inhalation of compressed air.
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presence of a sausage-shaped tumor and sharply localized tenderness
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tissue septa. Frequently they are attached to the periosteum of the
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decline are, for the most part, obscure. I believe that many of them
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Fatty or Volatile Acids, — Heat to boiling a few c.c. of the filtrate in
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>f the valve plus the fil)rin in ulcerative endocarditis. In the latter
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f eold should be carefully guarded against. The diet is to be judiciously
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hand, may be discovered sometimes as a fine greenish-yellow deposit.
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that does not extend below, but practically replaces the epithelial
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re rare. Under the latter are included the mechanical^ thermal^ and
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fice. When the aurieulo-ventricular valves are the seat of eniloeapiiti*
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must be rigidly enforced in this affection. Quarantine {public and pri-
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fewer cases occur, and when it falls to a low level or below the mean
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>eginning of treatment, the most careful and judicious increase in the
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racterized by exacerbations, and even intermits in entero-colitis, while
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leading to pyopneumothorax, may result. Lobular pneumonia may be
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ary inflammations may supervene {vide Complications).
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is found to be sharp instead of rounded, as is the case in leukemia.