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with in widespread and rapid cases of wasting. In certain so-called
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out, often extends from the left heart to the pulmonary vessels, fromtk
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patient from the examination by talking to him. In this manner we
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of instances. An examination should, however, be made for some
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but there are no hectic chills. Fistulous connection with a bronchus,
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and general symptoms and with the establishment of convalescence.
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several hours, or the curve may show two small summits if the tempera-
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miliary aneurysms may develop. Embolism and thrombosis also occur,
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latter (Eberth's bacillus, Pfeiffer's bacillus, etc.) have the power to ex-
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%T babita, are prime requisites. Sometimes a change of occupation,
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of this agent— cold — are manifold. Guaiacol has recently been em-
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type and the rigidity induced by caries of the spiiie must be differentiated
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Psettdo-diphtheria. — There are forms of inflammation occurring most
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the thorax, and the manipulation is to be continued for from ten to fif-
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blood through the constricted aortic orifice recjuires increased strength
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First Vice President — Braswell E. Collins, Macon
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born with goiter. Occasionally it has become epidemic in certain 8e^
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tumor is situated in the upper portion of the lumbar cord ; nevertheless,
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to serious forms belong those cases that besin with the characteristic
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three or four hours by decided sinking of the temperature. The fever,
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brief febrile attacks which recur periodically, melanemia, and a tend-
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ulcer, silver nitrate, as before stated, is most efficient, and may be com-
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sels, and also in cases of cirrhosis with carcinoma, obstruction to the
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nus follows. Brieger has obtained the poison from sterilized cultures (rf
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Owing to the above degenerative change, and consequent weakening
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* Annual of the Univerml Medical ScieneeSj 1893, p. 60, section H.
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taken for Ilodgkin's disease. It is not uncommon to find peendo-ln-
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death, with remissions or intermissions from time to time ; the prognosii^
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