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"endowment" or "limited payment" system. In cases of this class,
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Saprcemia. — At the beginning of this century Albert von Haller,
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and his experiments corroborate those of Bischoff and Kaupp, showing
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like ; and there are indications to show that in so far as premises are
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bacillus thus fulfils all the conditions required to prove it to be the true
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bacilli ; (2) their chemistry; (S) the production of immunity in animals
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may be produced by more than one kind of bacterium, and the same
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the other factor that, like measles, it infects actively so early that it is
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assumes a somewhat characteristic appearance. He is dull, apathetic,
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etc., and can be made of folding screens covered by quilts or blankets
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knowledge of bacterial morphology. This variability of form, termed
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** cancerous ulcer," or phagedenic ulcer, occurs in the face of old per-
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provement of their minds. And during certain states of disease, men
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the pulse flickers and fails at the wrist, and is sometimes imperceptible
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but one duty to perform, viz. to deliver ; but, when coldness of theskin,
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tration, and are compressed ; the lymphatic vessels are dilated and filled
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The changes in the figure of the hypogastric region are fully compen-
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serum outside the body, to some extent disagrees with Sanarelli, and
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tion off antiseptic sprays for purifying the atmosphere of sick chambers
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Enlargement of the spleen, metastatic infarcts, and haemorrhage into the
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the etiological factor syphilis and the inherited want of durability of the
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that had passed through an attack remained susceptible to a second in-
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on wounds, and the adoption of successful means to exclude them, mark
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Sir Charles Bell is about to publish, in two volumes^ a work on the Prin-
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true of the mulatto. There are numerous examples of such phenomena
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large an amount of several ingredients that they can claim a place in
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pied itself for many years and with very good results ; many of the
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and chemical noxae from those produced by bacteria and their products
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or larynx, Avill be described under the heads of nasal diphtheria and
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ham, for instance, regards, and possibly with justice, Asiatic cholera as
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are expensive for single persons ; but it ought not to be difficult to found
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agent, varying with the weather. Some physicians are in the habit of
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whether fiuman or animal, stirring up in the neighbourhood of the dis-
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first, second, and third week of the fever — or, according to Murchison,
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ligature, in the mode in which Mr. L. practises in certain cases of nsvi.
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udation, and the laryngitis be indicated by nothing more than a little
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ing of girls, who should receive the greater consideration on account of
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duces a vesicated surface almost instantaneously, by means of the steam
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refer for the mineral waters of the United States to Dr. Walton's
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an early symptom. It may last for several days, and end in recovery ;
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robes are the pyococci, the bacillus anthracis, the bacillus of typhoid
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and wide-spread epidemic among the consumers of the water — an