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foam and no reaction to the tests for bile, while the addition of liquor

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the local and general features are of a mild type, but the course is apt

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Sapremia following childbirth is a most typical sub-variety, and,

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uterine complaints seem to exert a strong etiologic influence, (c) Age

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The lesions presented by cases that have run a long course are

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Pathology. — The pia is cloudy and swollen, and often adherent Ki die

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conjointly the diagnosis is established beyond a doubt.

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be conjoined. The diet is as follows : Breakfast, 2 ounces (64.0) of bread

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and bowels should be made to perform the work normally done by the

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great value, and warm baths will prove highly beneficial by lessening the

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stale bread, and potatoes may be allowed ; and later eggs, oysters, fisL

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is to a considerable extent lost and its area diminished when he change;

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ary inflammations may supervene {vide Complications).

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that persons employed in dairies, who were accidentally inoculated with

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areas in which the nervous tissue has been destroyed, no matter what the

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purpura, syphilis, leukemia, or extreme anemia, and in cases in whidi

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structure is also involved by extension (pyelo-nephritis). Renal ab-

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tion. ((') Alcohol^ and particularly the fermented liquors, are among

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of the ileum with each other or about the pedicle of a twisted cecum.

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ments upon the eyes of guinea-pigs. Infection may take place, though

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he so-called true form, of sporadic cretinism, or of the cachexia

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be used throughout the attack (salol, betanaphtol, etc.).

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Beetion with the latter disease. On the other hand, Stockton holds the

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in the form of enemata, among the best being silver nitrate (gr. ^ ad ^

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hoped that through meetings such as this to be con-

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ceded by pneumonia^ and to the latter disease the patient is very prone,

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tUMue and cells ; the encephaloid cancers are thus soft, and readily break

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to the retention in the body of certain products of urinary or renal origin.