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the tissues (which may be caused by the increased transudation of stasis,

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involved is much shrunken, its dimensions in some cases being incred-

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{e) Though it occurs in all classes of society, the poor or those exposed

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be added that, obviously, undigestible, imperfectly masticated, highly-

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which may be the result of injury, and may be situated in the cortex,

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what would be regarded as hopeless cases. Suppression of urine, if it

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the kidneys. It is usually associated with more or less nephritis (pyelo-

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in childhood, that are apparently not due to either of these causes.

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careful blood-examination fails to disclose the plasmodium malarice. The

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533 in which intubation was performed the mortality was 25.9 per cent,

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ningo-encephalitis may develop secondarily, and I have met with cerebro-

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mit the disease to the Tatter, the infection usually resulting in intestinal

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most cases. The thenar eminence and interossei are the first to show

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Fever. — The fever of pneumonia is a temporary affair, and instead

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Second District Vice Councilor — Frank R. Miller,

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Sig. 3SS-5J every two or three hours, according to the age and

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or chronic thickening of the pleura. The exudate is always more

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bluish or black scab (anthrax), and encircling the primary vesicle an

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systolic wavy pulsation over the third and fourth interspaces to the ri;:ht

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^liagnostic importance. The pulse is soft, small, and on exertion much

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complicate and increase the gravity of the atelectasis are pleurisy and

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nodosities occur chiefly in women between the thirtieth and fortieth

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even insusceptible), and yet the degree of contamination of the drink-

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the discharges are received therein, and from one to two pints after.

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removed, and to accomplish this caustics (chromic, glacial acetic, ind

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bacco or alcohol. They are due to disturbances of circulation ariaing

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muscles resist passive movements, showing that their tone is increased.

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as above stated, the eifusion may be hemorrhagic and may also become

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postatic congestion. Broncho-pneumonia is especially dangerous, its

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figurement may be prevented. Ablutions with lukewarm water, to which

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Association Committees — Standing, that Emergency

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