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been appointed to the medical charge of Cantonment General Hospitals
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animals experimented upon developed general muscular tremors,
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leading from or to these patches. The lesions of disseminated sderosis,
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tonsils are swollen, and the throat becomes sore. If this angina
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else, and failing that, whether he frequented soda water fountains at
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Dyson, was disputing some points in a new agreement which
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existing institutions, and of a hospital for the reception of men and
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Treatment. — ^As regards treatment, I would put in the forefront
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etc., and he tells me he can lift from the ground a weight of
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the powerful therapeutic action of the oi'chitio liquid. I have
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It is an establislied fact that glycogen maj- be produced from
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cerning the cases of small-pox isolated during 1892-93 in that
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of a convulsive paroxysm. If attention were equally directed to the
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some cases of typhus being very mild, but ambulatory typhus is
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may have similar discolorations produced by disorders of the intes-
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equals the administration of the fluidextract of ergot, as above men-
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tage, healthy urine must be regarded practically as sugar free.
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phragm over its entire surface. A mass of calcified tubercle
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is from kink of the intestine, which may result from the surgical opera-
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prolonged use of bactroban
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ments of the abdominal muscles to the lower ribs. Other cases have
what is bactroban used for