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vinced that the best chance for the pneumonia patient,

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ished in their aniero-posterior diameter so much as in their previous deliveries

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physician. In France the organization for the verification of

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modification of it consists, in some substances having been mixed with

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judiciously supporting his statements by reference to high autho-

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was passing his evacuations involuntarily. He quickly emaciated,

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other hand, not being trained in diagnostic work, prob-

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Dr. Law says, pathologists have almost entirely confined their attention to

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reaction when in a fluid form, the sulphur test occupying an

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A better practical hearing test is the ordinary conver-

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gave scarcely a trace. But when to the same mixture, nitre was added and

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delegates from France, Britain, Belgiam, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Rossia,

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muscles, and has endurance or lacks it the same as other

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often in the power of art to lessen the violence of symptoms whose duration it

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upon the activity of "hormones" or chemical messengers.

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it when describing a case of poisoning. This simple

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it. Others again, as quoted by Dr. T. Thompson (op. cit.), consider

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signifying all's well. When all is not well the heart

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duced in front of the bladder^ wluch the operator mistakes for

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ing, perhaps, these automatic centers. Myelitis is inflam-

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particles of it may be detected with the microscope in each portion of water

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sketch-plans and statistical tables ; altogetlier, it is a model for an

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Under the influence of what cause did so sudden a change take place! Of

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tor, in a pampiilet which he has lately published, gives an account of 88 cases in

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peculiarities. 2. That the walls, being so thinned and weakened,

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with those of the bone, or even with the interior oi the cranium,

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the optic disc presented a somewhat whitish aspect ; and all doubt as

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improvement in the Medical Sciences. Edited by W. Braithwaite, M.

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It will be seen, on reading Dr. Kirkes' paper, that he does not, in

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and he could scarcely have been recosiused by those who had only

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abdominal region, which becomes tense, and will not bear the slightest pres-

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therefore in all probabilitj from the medulla oblongata ; course back-

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Treatment of Constipation. — Drink 2 quarts of water a