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Since the epidemic in 1836 the disease has not gained a foothold on our
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etc.) richly deserve a trial, though striking results have not been
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meat (preferably beefsteak), and a roll of bread. The examination is to
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the treatment of the causative lesions and of organic disease of the
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of croupous deposits in toxic cases unless they be found in the dis-
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scavengers of the respiratory organs — the mucous corpuscles lining ibt
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to study the symptoms connected with the alimentary tract.
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pnea being present. The intensity of the symptoms abates within a fort-
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chronic dilatation is pyloric stenosis. This is usually due (a) to «oi'h
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sonic of which may be l)rieily enumerated : (a) Acardia, absence of the
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examination is not made until months or years have elapsed since the
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tion of the abdomen give dulness on percussion, whilst over the anterior
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)b8truction is of comparatively rare occurrence in the epigastrium, where
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If while in the water the patient complains bitterly of the cold or is
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involvement. From the very mild to the gravest cases of nephritis there
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Wintrich*s sign, or a change in the pitch of the percussion-sound when
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toms are milder, though the termination is very generally unfavorable,
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tumor (which can oft;en be grasped), and the expansile pulsation on pal-
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S3rtiiptoms. — The paroxysm begins quite suddenly during the actioB
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mally large amount of blood that is thrown into the arteries with undae
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that of a walnut. Their most frequent seat is at the back of tbe
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Dysphagia may, by its constant existence throughout the disease, pro-
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ribs, on or before the commencement of the fastigium. It generally goes
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may also be a diffuse infiltration and caseation without any special foci,
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of 37 cases, in 5 of which the brain was examined, and all of these
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influenced by the etiology. Acute general peritonitis arising from per-
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nary artery and of the arch of the aorta (usually with rupture of its coats)
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are cough and bronchorrhea. The sputum is usually abundant and frothy,
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Ktiology* — Tliere can be no doubt that most cases of organic heart-
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their extent, are the seat of numerous sacculi communicating with one
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toms may be few, the case is often allowed to go on for several days,
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Many of these preparations were prescribed for their effect in excluding
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labors of the above-mentioned American authors the true nature and
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No casts were found at any time during life, though repeated exami-
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that is seen in malaria, and neither is the temperature-curve typical of
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tially recovers, relapses, and so on. The internal muscles may be
erythema with hyperesthesia, followed by the development of anesthesia,
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ticularly the so-called villous or papillomatous carcinoma, Williams * find-