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heart, Hektoen a secondary and spindle-celled sarcoma developed

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in using as his normal values those obtained from blood taken post

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caused meningeal hemorrhage, and a patient of Millard died of cere-

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so severe as to be almost tragic. The patient is transfixed with a

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sound may be preceded by a shorter presystolic note. These periods

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The lime metabolism of five diabetic patients was studied. 51 The

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slower rate, over other paths. It may be said, finally, that if there is

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The reflux of blood through the narrow orifice into the enlarged

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pronounced clinical manifestations and marked anatomic changes was

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urine. The lines joining dots in the first column of each series of three

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of 23. Necropsy showed softening of the entire left internal capsule, lenticular

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TABLE 4. — Analyses of Twenty-Four Hour Amount of Urine

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alternans, which consists of two contractions in quick succession,

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which it has been subjected by the subcutaneous swelling. After a

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tive emboli may be conveyed to the lung and set up pneumonia or