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carbolic acid or by the use of the antiseptic spray. In a recent am

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Yen of liquid foods takes place. There may be considerable pain in

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amounting in some cases to complete paralysis. This is not readily

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nquiry into the previous history is important. The sudden develop-

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sciousness and severe general convulsions, constitutes grand mal. That

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of but 5 cases of this mode of termination. Osier and Ross have reported

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peculiar to suppuration would all point strongly to purulent effusion, and

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purposes great care should be exercised, as an aneurysm may thu be

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and erigeron have been used for their stimulating and alterative effects

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atrophy and shortening of the sterno-mastoid muscle, brought about

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taneous cure if the intestinal lesion cicatrizes, as post-mortem findings fre-

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and tonics judiciously given. The treatment of relapses differs in no

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The exudation may follow the auditory and optic nerves along their

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(6) Old cavities^ as a rule, have sharply-defined walls 'that vary

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occasionally found in temperate regions. It is held to follow injuries to

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fltenee of subcropitant and sibilant rfiles, pointing to a. general capil-

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at the same time the heart-sounds grow more and more feeble and indis-

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a saline. Copious enemata of boiled water thrown high up into the bowel

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be found post-mortem to have been caused by (a) obscure malignant dis-

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Albuminuria and a false membrane in the throat or iiarei) arc w

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probable existence of ulcer if there be a history of the more important

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dison's disease, such as atrophy of one or both glands from interstitial

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