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Morbid Anatomy. — There is intense and persistent congestion of the nasal

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which has an advantageous effect upon the tumor. The use

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There is a form of this disease which has been called liijpertropliic

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food that the food is passed undigested, and it is then called Uenteric diar-

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ployed to reduce temperature. The condition of a typhoid patient during

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Dislocation of Ulna and Radius Backward. — Causes. — The causes are

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cause the system is overwhelmed by the typhus poison, and the functions

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less and finally ceases, so that if in a few days a section of the part be

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treatment of all forms of fever, and often with little discrimination as

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but never in croup. ' From a clinical standpoint they must be regarded as

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sometimes delirious. The constitutional and local symptoms increase for

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no dyspnoea, no pain, no cough. Scrdes collect on the teeth and gums.

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ering and pain in the side are the two initial symjDtoms in about 50 per

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ward, the foot is everted, while the inner malleolus is prominent and a

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be evacuated of its contents by means of a high enema previous to the

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and cramps in the calves of the legs are not infrequent. There is vomiting,

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heart, is due j)artly to constriction at the base of the mitral valves, and

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of the stomach, which may bo the result of its adhesion to nei<rlibor-

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To facilitate bacterial studies I shall divide the subject into four

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alTorded and life ])rolonged by the following local management of the

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and the-sac Kgated with catgut and removed, while the stump is allowed

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In cases where the diagnosis can not be made, an x-ray examination may

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occur in the surface connective tissues. Spindle-celled sarcomata

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violent physical exertion, running, jumping, going up a long flight of

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and it began to spread from one point to another, until some six or seven