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adherent to the cord, of which the gray matter may be the seat of serous
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pating the arteries during the course of an examination for some ^ap-
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thorough disinfection of the sick-room, the bed, and bed-linen, the vom-
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lous eruption. This is, as a rule, neither so intense nor so uniformly dis-
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value with the recognition of oxybutyric acid in diabetes is the deter-
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derness. I recently witnessed the removal of the normal appendix from
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bronchial catarrh, shortness of breath, and the like. Jjater, general
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breath-sounds, normal and abnormal. Other characteristic features of
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So soon as the specificity of the disease was definitely established it
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healthy until he was suddenly seized with general convulsions. Tne
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is usually followed by signs of softening, provided the patient sarriTei
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fers in being, comparatively speaking, a latent condition. The excess of
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beneath the mucous membrane of the descending duodenum. Occasion-
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cumbent position. When the pleural sac is filled or when the effusion
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flushing of the face is common. The respiration is now irregular and
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may also be nummular, but presents a reddish-brown or chocolate color.
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usually runs a definite course and terminates by lysis.
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fail to find in the urine the evidences of intestinal putrefaction (i. c a
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irritants, such as turpentine, may also produce leukocytosis, and whatever
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over-fill in <^ in a backward direction. The walls of the lunsr-vesseU are
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When the pigmentation is scanty, of course the diagnosis is more
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plegia. In the latter stage contractures may also develop.
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during the later stages of the disease, cold compresses to the forehead
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inches). The caliber is ordinarily of the size of a goose-quill. Very
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spleen may undergo active hyperplasia in acute abscess-formation. Pul-
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Striimpell, who advances the view that there is an acute inflammation of