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Q typhoid fever there is also a relative preponderance of the mono-
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tuberculous persons. Strauss ^ demonstrated virulent bacilli within the
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spirits. In a small percentage of instances, just prior to the attack the
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rrmf^th* .t.-y^i'iu of these organs, as suggested by Osier, should not be
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and sensitiveness over certain portions of the vertebral Cfilumn. In the
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tions are to be used, and the following will be found serviceable :
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measures and the use of all j)ossible agencies to support the strength of
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measures are all that are recjuired in an ordinary case, while complict-
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proportion to the temperature and pulse, and the cheeks are bedecked
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18 produced by the alternate elevation and de])ression of the funnel,
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localized tenderness if the patient's attention be withdrawn. In such
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Peyer may be somewhat swollen. The eruption also appears in the
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narrows from below upward. Above the stenosis, and directly depend-
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The patient complains of burning sensations in the epigastric region a&j
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the words “when feasible” on line 9, so that the rec-
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frequent occurrence, if we except those under one year of age.
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■ Tht^?' ■.'"«.:■:*:: v.< A"\ rt:^r'^V.:v>N! by Tvrr.iis*:.^:; frvm the art;v\- bv Prs.
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drug, so that its internal use is to be recommended, though in very small
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glands, tumor, or aneurysm, impacted cerumen, otitis media, labyrinthine
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value of the highly ozonized and terebinthinized atmosphere of the pine-
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attack, though, as a rule, muscular contractions are the first indication.
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ally after the dilatc«l tubes fill in the morning, and a change of posturt
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source of glycosuria has been experimentally demonstrated in dogs by
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tinue throughout the course of the attack. In most cases, however,
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