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* Journal of the American Medical Association j vol. xv. j). 334.

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)b8truction is of comparatively rare occurrence in the epigastrium, where

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the rigid Boas test-meal. the rigid Boas test-meal. Boasts leat-HMaL

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clinical characteristics as to make it impossible to include all cases in

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the upper alimentary tract are present. The indications presented by

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helpful to the student. They are — perforation with diffuse peritonitis,

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combine with the acetanilid small doses of calomel and soda. These

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the general health fails materially. The affection may follow promptly

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form, and particularly does this occur in temperate climates.

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walls. As the result of undue intraventricular pressure the cerebnl

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taria for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis among the better classes

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these instances the sputum is to be stained and examined microscopi-

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Lesions of the Bronchial Glands. — At first these are enlarged aod

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>m cultures, claimed to have produced immunity against the most

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line. The veins of the scalp are enlarged, and the hairy growth is usually

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with intense itching; and, finally, it may be identical with erythema

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chymatoiis degeneration may be almost exclusively limited to the glome-

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defective, typhoid bacilli may escape into and contaminate the atmo-

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etc.). Recovery may now take place, or a great diversity of local second-

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Internally, ergot, turpentine, tincture of the chlorid of iron, acetate of

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ascites is caused either by a leakage of the lacteals (due to ulceration,

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an air- or water-bed. Trophic changes should be looked for daily, and at

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that the intestines are often invaded by tuberculosis, and that the serosa