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Types of the Disease. — Despite its vagaries, the prevailing picture of the

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formity, it can be claimed that risks are assumed on a nearly

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operations; operations on the hver and gall bladder. To this list may be

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that the ingestion of alcohol, tea, coffee, mustard, asparagus,

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Having obtained the complete family records up to date

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characteristic of the disease as the skin lesions, which are found both in the

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we get another important product of tissue metabolism, viz.,

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phore groups similar to those of complements, and consequently the equiva-

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qualifications enough to enable him to examine healthy

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excess of the death-rate of male lives and of the table rate;

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4. Written by a man who has practiced the art a lifetime.

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The recent studies carried out under the direction of the Commission for

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very unsteady and walk very much as do the subjects of Meniere's disease.

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(c) in proper cleaning of the streets, a procedure which should always be

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of multiplication in them. He arrived at no conclusion regarding their

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lens and is best seen by artificial light, the diaphragm being adjusted so as to

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In the next stage the spots become darker, have a dirty reddish color and

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the correctness of his views. By using large amounts of blood and diluting

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lowing the necrosis, inflammatory exudation occurs in which polymor-

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difficult to arrest, deafness, dizziness, buzzing in the ears, delirium, and

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a registered practitioner in Ontario, cannot practise

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duces a small ulceration of the frenum of the tongue in children who have

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based on such examinations, there is very definite evidence that recovery

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* Since writing the above, favorable reports of the use of saline infusions

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of the symptoms due to the nervous system the changes found after death

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may be a rise of four or six degrees \;ithin a few hours after they are put to

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after the disappearance of the membrane and the cessation of the discharge

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tion appears after another, with the illness lasting for weeks and months, is

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Certainly the danger of organic affections is reduced when

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sons. So that when we speak of the significance of albumin,

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of recurrences, although the importance of this factor has probably been over-

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manhood or womanhood, and the development of the family

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healthy, or suffers only from slight diarrhoea. We really have such cases.

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insurance to women at the same rate as to men upon all par-

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of diphtheria, and that under suitable conditions it may acquire virulence.

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panies the number of policy-holders whose deaths were at-

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tion, the button on the upper part of the handle should be pushed forward

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may co-exist, but in the absence of definite bacteriological findings the

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concerning the origin of the pi'ocess, but the meningitis seemed to arise by

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may occur. In many of these patients there are intervening convulsions