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in 1647, and was subse(}uently described ; and, though it has since then

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retic in cardiac dropsy. When the renal secretion is not free under its

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cases of tuberculosis nearly 50 per cent, belonged to the first and second

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condition it is only necessary to make an examination of the lungs and

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crystals of neutral phosphate of lime. Seldom do we meet with the

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large size, as in a case recently under my care at the Medico-Chirorgicil

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appearances of an acute lobar pneumonia^ one lobe only being inopli-

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of the disease increases with increasing years. After the fortieth year

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may merely implicate the valves, together with a few myocardial fiber*

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the lesion is still higher up, death will quickly take place from failure of

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accompany, or follow attacks of rheumatism in children. Erythema is

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and usually light-gray in color (rarely, reddish-yellow), and the lung-

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juice, egg-white, and solids (other than animal) may all be employed if

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When the veins of Galen are blocked serum escapes into the ventricles.