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disease. Tuberculosis is, however, embraced among the sequelse of such
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Britain, the eastern portion of Germany, Poland, Russia, and some parts
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numbers and more severely than whites. A dread of the infection pre-
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very scanty, sometimes amounting to not more than ft'om 5 to 25 ounces
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difficult ; but in all cases of pigmentation in which other causes may be
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from pressure on the trachea or bronchus, however, tracheotomy would
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reaches an agonizing maximum of severity, starting from the lumbar re-
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Trophic alterations reach an extreme degree. Bullae of considerable
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over the liver, but the fact is to be remembered that both symptoms may
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the latter agent, finding that it produces the fever, nervous symptoms,
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often escape observation for a long time. The most characteristic man-
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|>ul8e is small, irregular, and exceedingly rapid. In the more chronic
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activity ; hence the reflex (sensory and pyramidal) tracts are more prone
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toms as those that mark typhoid fever, save the eruption which is pecu-
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indurated area varies according to the location of the appendix, but is
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is confined to the larger tubes, as in typical cases, while, if severe and
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and the like : whenever practicable the result can be most succes«fullv
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tumor either by means of the snare, or after a vesical section.
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may arise without apparent cause, or as a result of a blow or even a
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Apomorphin is also excellent as a soothing relaxant in doses of sr.
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points to a more gradual onset, the remissions are less marked, and there
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and decomposition of albuminous substances, the products of which
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Bespiratory Type. — Local catarrhal symptoms usually develop in tne
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ankle-clonus is exaggerated ; but ordinarily all reflexes are abolished.
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bjaiine casts in the urine, arterio-sclerosis, and cardiac hypertrophy.
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tistics (1868) show that out of 230 cases, 142 were women and 88 men.
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this form the spleen is firm (Ponfick, Osier), and the liver is sometimes
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Body for Malaria, as well as to Ineretise the Receptivity for Pneumonia uid, probtUji
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(Lower facial group.) ^ I j^^^^^^^ ^^ |«>pfiagus.
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probable situation of the growth. Thus, if obstruction from carcinoma