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man must not be forgotten. Again, the possibility of contamination

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ion, once it has commenced. This blood-stasis, as previously pointed

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which are rare, the temperature is practically normal. I

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pain, saline purgatives in small doses and at short intervals until free

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■apid (140 to 160 beats per minute), small, and irregular. The urine

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This may either be symptomatic of other affections {e, g. diabetes mdt

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progress of the disejise. The heart is enlarged, chiefly due to hype^

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the colicky pain, the discharge of blood and pus with the stools, and

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(gr. ij to iij — 0.1296 to 0.1944) are to be administered, at the same time

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(2) After some months the lower extremities become involved, and

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Pathology* — There are no special anatomic lesions that charac-

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spheric pressure, particularly during inspiration. This thoracic deformity

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to actual headache, tinnitus aurium, carotid pulsations, flushing of the

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survive for months in water. Their power to resist chemical agents

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the bladder, with the accumulation of a gallon (4 liters) or more of

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per cent, of the white cella, whereas they do not occur in normal bli"A

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the bladder, with the accumulation of a gallon (4 liters) or more of

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Rarely a fatal issue is due to dilatation of the right heart, followed bj

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ing a high mark (105° or 106° F.— 40.5° or 41.1° C). I saw a case

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causing fetor of the breath. From time to time, and especially on it-

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Pathology. — The solid organs of the body present no characteristic

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blood may be other than the stomach. Rarely, an abdominal aneurysm

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Treatment. — The case presents a double indication : (a) to harbor

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ease produced in this animal either by inoculation of small-pox vims from

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this large class of diseases the bronchitis is dependent upon the primary

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>dominal walls, or other avenue, followed by slow recovery.

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Thus, when the pain is referred " due east,' or to the left iliac fossa, with

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any, positive data. Many theories have been advanced, bat to adduce

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Any degree of syphilitic taint that may be present should be assaiM

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tlirsc casrs have an intrinsic tendency to recovery. Jlilk should consti-