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extremely doubtful whether stones once formed in the pelvis of the kid-

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the facial paths cross, or by two lesions, one on either side. The causes

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Fever may be controlled by repeated cold spongings or by the cold

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improvement then follows until he can support his weight ; dragging of

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In this way, we have been able to prevent an excess of

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inknown in America, and in Mexico it has existed ever since the time

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and by the albuminuric retinitis that characterize the former. In chronic

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animals, as the guinea-pig, etc., against the action of typhoid bacilli,

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throat must render the diagnosis easy unless ulceration has taken place :

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inflammation of the middle ear, followed by rupture of the tympanum

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ggjjpnective tissue. Fibrous tissue is also substituted for the alveolar walls.

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whence it extends along the bronchi and vessels, and usually involves a

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lies iu the dorsal decubitus during the examination, with the limla

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noon, instead of the forenoon, as in the latter. A clear history, the

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soup. *' If the catarrh affects the lower portion of the large intestine

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postasis, and a careful physical examination of the lower lobes of the

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Thb biliary passages may be the seat of carcinoma, which may

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recommended to scarify the affected part and follow with the application


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one-half of this number. The most conspicuous local symptom is the

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aggravated form, the little sufferers quite frequently reaching their end

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bits of spinal marrow beneath the dura mater), the period of incubation

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•• :?^-: '''\ the inhalation of mineral dusts: an«I (3) Siderwis.

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the paroxysms are induced by a quick inspiration, as during drinking.

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(4) Chanjres in the heart itself, {a) In the cardisLC ganglia. Ftttr.

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Pathology. — (a) Valvular Undocardit 18. — In its early development

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to the powerful contractions of the left ventricle, whereby the normal

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