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laryngo-bronchial irritation. For the latter common condition the fol-
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treatment, though modern surgery gives promise of curing a ceruin
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diphtheritic deposit. The ureters and the pelves of the kidneys may also
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slightly enlarged. The lymph-glands are often somewhat swollen and
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some valuable benefits to be gained from knowledge of our local division activities
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though the cyst may entirely conceal itself. It is important to recollect
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carefrd examination ^' a small nodule was detected at the umbilicus, which
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form, we are often able to detect the operation of some favoring cause,
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shorten life, and that therefore the same condition that caused degenera-
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seen and felt in the epistemal notch, as a rule, and a correct appreciation
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Treatment of the Attack. — (a) Premonitory Diarrhea. — When the
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the vomiting is apparently causeless, and may be frequently repeated;
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frequency, was taken : Right lung, about 54 per cent. ; left lung, about
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Symptoms. — The onset is generally acute, and may be sudden, in
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abscess-cavity just to the right of the promontory of the sacrum.
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the latter conclusion after an analvsis of 93 cases. Nauwerck, Bartb,
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existing pulmonary emphysema is to be recognized by the characteristic
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reported a case occurring in a young man in whom paraplegia developed
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hemogenesis in pernicious anemia, the liver being the principal seat of
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ms to cure. The course is chronic, but the possibility of a sudden fatal
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The Stomach, — The stomach offers no characteristic symptoms. Of
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and yield to the pressing finger in consequence of delayed ossification or
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points of contrast, by means of which septicemia and pyemia may be
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ulcers, and also in perforation of the gall-bladder, in rupture of the liver,
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locomotor ataxia. More rarely the nucleus is damaged by hemorrhage
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latter, as a rule, contains at the same time serum or pus, tne terms sero-
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Treatment. — In general the treatment is that of myelitis. In cer-
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ary tubercles give rise to large tubercular masses. Tubercles undergo