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the bones, amounting even to complete luxation, may also be dne to

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There is no adjacent organ to which it may not become adherent,

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quency, and is by far more common in men than women. In addition

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deliberate, and its pigment-granules are coarser, darker, and also less

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cheese, dried meats, and all highly seasoned dishes. It may become

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demonstrable, especially by palpation. The organ can be shown to in-

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hypertrophy of the left ventricle is excessive, the use of the followio;

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is approached the motion is often jerky (paralytic nystagmtis).

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existed months or years without symptoms, and then develop saddenly,

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patient being meanwhile supported by rectal alimentation and subcu-

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otherwise well borne. Should the stomach reject all food, rect^ alinca-

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jKHHUulary iieoplasmata, particularly carcinomata, are relatively common.

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recommended, and English authors greatly praise copaiba and its resin

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Thougn both lungs are affected in fatal cases, they represent different

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inches in its longest and less than three in its shortest diameter. It lies

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The physical signs elicited by palpation and percussion show increas-

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arge areas are involved they are the result of the fusion of contiguous

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two or three weeks have elapsed by faradization. It is (juestioiiable if

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also seen in barometer-makers, mirror-silverers, chemists, and others

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symptom : marked dropsy, however, is uncommon. From the fibnxi!

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in combination with myxoma or sarcoma, and sarcoma ha^ also been

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pose the double iodids, as in the formula given in the discussion of

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less edematous, and the seat of muco-purulent secretions.

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A«|u:v destillat., <|. s. ad fgiij (96.0). — M.

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The vicinity of the celiac axis is the favorite seat of abdominal anev-

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a certain definite group of muscles that are supplied by the brachial

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centuation of the second pulmonary sound, and a comparatively small and