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bones in long-standing cases may be intensely congested and sometimes
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Pathology. — The condition is generally unilateral, and is a true
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and important diagnostic mark, at first being somewhat sharpened, and
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nant of the thymus gland, from the lymphatic glands, the pleura. iT
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restoration to health from the primary affection may defy further at-
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The cystic kidneys usually met with in adult life (acquired) are of
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litis, yet, as stated, the majority of observers believe it to be a neuritis.
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(Ernst), though some are of contrary opinion (Flick, Sidney Martin,
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dark-red variety, and small hemorrhagic infarcts may also be noted
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cautiously, alternating with intervals of cessation. Good results are
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and is secondary, as a rule, to inflammation about the uterus. Fallopian
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in January, 1890. Influenza reappeared in epidemic form, though less
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The blocking of the terminal branches by emboli or by the more
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the course is cut short and serious complications almost never occur.
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observed in two cases occurring in females in the Medico-Chirurgical
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chronic leukemia. The case grows progressively worse ; hematemeeis»
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lous eruption. This is, as a rule, neither so intense nor so uniformly dis-
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junction of the two heads of the gastrocnemius muscle.
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is the only assignable cause. The latter may take the form of indi-
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in consequence of the limited amount of food taken signs of inanitioB
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tributed to advanced phthisis usually reach a fatal issue in the course
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muscle-cramps and of the effects of great loss of fluid (cyanosis, shrunken
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pyogenic membrane surrounded the purulent and calculous contents.
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be general or partial, the size of the gland exhibiting sudden variations,
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the intestinal tract or other adjacent organs. In the majority of instances
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* Bernheim, La Mideeine moderney Paris, Feb. 21, 1894.
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eyes (for iritic adhesion, etc.), throat and skin (for scars), bones (for
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time to time slight vertigo, syncope, and oppression. These seizures may
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minor, causes may be mentioned constipation^ tight-lacingy pregnancy^