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vetically wanting. Those usually present have been indicated in

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eumstanees the liability to infei*t the offspring is much augmented. A

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soon disa})pears. The attacks may recur at intervals varying from a fe*

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is often heaving, on account of pre-existing compensatory hypertrophj.

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women. The precise lesion is labyrinthine, and is the result of exposure,

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peratures of 105° F. (40.5° C.) or higher may be observed, and in three

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or food, particularly milk. It must not be forgotten that bacilli when

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et common complications and intercurrent affections may be cited

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bat of either gangrene or putrid bronchitis. Particles of lung-tissue

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ease. As has been pointe<l out. simple acute recurrent endocarditis i*

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to be infiltrated with various-sized cancer-nodules surrounded by bands

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As the atrophy continues the tympany extends below the seventh rib from

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the finger causes a pallor which at once disappears when the finger is

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haps more common than its counterpart on the left side. It is seconJarr

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form, and fragments may be washed into the cerebral vessels. Owing

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Treatment. — Absolute rest and a liquid diet should be ordered.

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Paralysis. — Usually the nerve is involved as it passes through the

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eneral health, and this, I take it, is of paramount importance. Removal

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the amount present. If the mixture does not become turbid, add a frv

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after birth, in pregnancy, during digestion, and after exercise. Accoro-

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certain section, 174 took the disease and 113 died, whereas of 500 inoc-

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diridaal cases. Obviously, the question of the removal of foreign

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Ordinarily, the children are (juiet and apathetic, but they may be queru-

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in size and the degree of fever being proportional, and the liver is hyper-

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bronchial mucous membrane (usually the small bronchi), and less fte-

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are useful. Strontium lactate in doses of from 15 to 20 grains (0.972-

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the presence of the fever seems to be really a nervous phenomenon

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The secondary form usually follows carcinoma of the stomach or the

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vigor from the first week of the treatment, which was continued for

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resemble in a marked degree those of acute yellow atrophy, with a rap-

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