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extreme atrophy of both the intima and media is not uncommon in the

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(2) Heller's Nitric-acid Test. — This is easily performed, and is both

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points which serve to distinguish the former from the latter disease.

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M. et Sig. 3j (4.0) three or four times a day for a child of

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variations. In mild forms it is from two to four days, in the severe

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serum effuseil from the congested vessels, and mixed with an increased

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comparatively rare. Neither does the mitral stenosis follow aonic

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able mucus, are regurgitated three or four hours after meals, and we may

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with. In the bilateral form, however, these are very much impaired:

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DJDg of the attack, although the contagiousness continues until after the

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tissue. Organization of these products of inflammation into connective

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In many cases only by remembering the various causes ajid eliminating

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intense headache, myalgic pains, muscular contraction, and other nervous

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of failure of the circulation the reader is referred to the discussion of

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The hypostatic congestion of the bases of the lungs due to cardiac

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and a concentration of bile occurs, and certain constituents that were

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u^^, «Uil iii:it till- l.i:iii art' d it- ;o irri'.aiini; >ub!itance8 inhaled with the ^itu'lt^^'t

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renal derangement. There may be simply a general impairment of

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quently involved than in adults. Unless the objective indications be

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dwarfed {micromania), (2) Heredity, — The instances in which rachitis de-

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Hie constant location and the character and course of growth of the

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important part. Although carcinoma of the Uver undoubtedly occurs

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tion. The surface -temperature drops below the normal, even to 96° or

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sue surrounding a soft cheesy, granular, and fatty detritus, lymphoid

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solid, despite the increased peristalsis caused by the catarrhal process

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tD affections in which pericarditis is likely to arise physical examinations

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(young adult life), and the appearance of the jaundice unaccompanied

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IB to be discriminated from the pathological variety by making the ex-

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simple ulcer of the colon perforated and led to fatal peritonitis " (Osier).

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cations equal parts of vinegar or spirits should be added. The efficacy

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soon quickens to 120 or even 130, and later it may be irregular. At