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Treatment. — The unilocular cysts just referred to above may be
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fluctuation and to define the limits of the tumor, the latter sometimes
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The preparation may be stained with carbol fuchsin (basic fuchsin 1,
infarcts that subsequently undergo sclerotic changes in the muscle^
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Physical signs aid but little in the diagnosis, as obstruction of the
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cold, and that unless the condition be promptly controlled, the compen-
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The affected joints are not painful ; they may be the seat of exudation
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there is no such history. In this condition the mucosa of the respiratory
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sist, scarification of the edematous parts with a curved bistourr, the
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turn compressing and finally obliterating the alveoli.
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In pyemia and in suppurative processes generally — conditions sometimes
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being so violent as to cause the patient to groan even while profoundly
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been ascribed to a supposed inferiority in the appendicular blood-supplv
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noticeable about the lips and mucous membrane of the mouth, the nos-
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ysis of the stapedius muscle causes low notes to be heard with great in-
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been described. The fall of temperature may occasionally be more
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pelvis by these conditions. Infectious pyelitis may also result from
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in character, especially when the colon is chiefly affected.
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than in temperate climates, and more common in the latter than in the
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enlargement of the liver is not constant in the former condition. The
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pneumonia due to pneumococcus infection, and, what may also serve is
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able. Those directly due to the vascular disturbance are severe head-
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ation and sclerosis. The whole heart may become so large that the term
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* Member, Professional Educational Committee, State Board of Directors, Georgia Division, American
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cise with method in the open air, with a view to consuming the fats in
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clearing the tongue, when we have a red, clean, glazed tongue with
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tone by the strict observance of hygienic and dietetic rules.
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doses of one drop for every month of the child's life, the doses being
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his malignant growth elsewhere, is the progressive emaciation, which
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and the psoas muscle, reaching, finally, the iliac fossa and simulating
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perforation of the bowel. It is much more common in males than in
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the intervals between the attacks vary extremely in duration..
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Anemia can be positively ascertained only by an adequate examina-