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The third year of life furnished 134 cases fBruennische, Von Rittersliaiii,

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J ounce (16.0) of meat-juice, and a little egg-white may be combined,

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larly the characteristic pain, are lacking: hence it freijuently n^pent

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ing to the height of the disease) ; and the stage of decline or deferves-

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sation due to tricuspid insufficiency may be associated with arterio-pul-

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of the hairy scalp, etc.). In cases of average severity the face is much

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inspired air; hence some of the latter pierce the mucosa and rwd

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Ssrmptomatology. — Imbecility and idiocy may be due to inherited

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including the ports of the tropical Atlantic coast in America and Africa.

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et the vigor of the divisions affected may be relatively diminished to a

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and weaken to such an extent that often partial, and sometimes eom-

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that in this class of caaes "the physical signs are obscured, because

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may be sucked, and flannel dipped in ice-water and wrung out may be

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The theory held by Miibius, that exophthalmic goiter is attributable

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with forceps some distance above the flame of a burner or lamp. Finally,

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may also be heard in the heart during the attack, and the lungs upon

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urthritis. The disease also occurs in the course of the eruptive fevers,

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sons sleeping in the open air or in tents which the animal can enter.

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Pathology, — The morbid changes in hypertrophic rhinitis cowi^t

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istered in definite quantities and at regular, brief intervals. Rectal

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idminister stimulants, and even transfuse or inject a normal saline solu-

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Pain in the epigastric and lumbar regions, and a demonstrable tumor neu

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fever or while the child is convalescent. In debilitated or strumous

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the hypochondriac. Congenital dilatation of the colon may predispose

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fourths of the cases before the fifteenth year. The symptom-picture is

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and clironic affections, but not with anv degree of constancv : nor is it

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g to the obstruction in the pulmonary circulation that results from

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ence to the parts of the organ most frequently attacked, Welch analyzed

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great difiSculty, at least at an early utage in primary attacks. Often the

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to the left also occurs not infrequently, and is attributable to excessire

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mains there. The rash comes out by the end of the first or on the second