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suspicion ; when these are associated with dyspeptic symptoms, hof-
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broth or about an ounce of whiskey should be administered and active
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bowels work irregularly, constipation alternating with brief attacks of
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lymph-glands. Occasionally the spleen alone is hyperplastic.
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pea to that of a nut. Their histological structure is like that of the
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to the stenosis, are factors that must furnish the etiological data in indi-
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Respiratory Symptoms, — Renal dyspnea, which is sometimes called
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infrequently in hysteria, hydrophobia, and rarely in chorea and epilepsy.
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' hand, during forced respiration nothing is audible, as a rule, except
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The treatment must be mechanically supportive, consisting of pads
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which is more or less covered with pultaceous material, is rough or
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pointing to cirrhosis, carcinoma, or acute yellow atrophy, form a cha-
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bulging in most instances. It may, however, be so slight as to elude de-
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and salts (lime, potash, soda, and perhaps traces of iron and copper).
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patient, inducing, besides mental agitation, cardiac palpitation and other
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fall, and especially if the patient has had insomnia), or they may be of
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partly owing to the position assumed by the lungs and partly (perhaps
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is thin and smooth in some instances, though more frequently it form?
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o be preferred in some cases. This should be followed by a purge made
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A third mode of infection of the cervical lymph-glands is through
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pighian bodies are chiefly affected and appear on section like sago-
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consecjuence of sarcoma. It may occur in children or in young adults.
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this may occur in cases in which the lower limbs are primarily attacked.
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exist anteriorly also. Posteriorly, and at the base of the chest in f»ar-
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aortic regurgitation. Auscultation reveals the constant and character-
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tissue, including elastic fibers, crystals of hcmatoidin, cholesterin, and
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diiBt by those who follow certain occupations, such as stone-cutting,
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acute and chronic. The vert/ acute cases are those forming a part of
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itrawberries), and stale bread, should constitute the chief dietary. Fat
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arterial sclerosis, particularly if there be a syphilitic history, is mon
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are, as a rule, due to the extension of the inflammation from the valres,