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•Mments are normally attached becomes sclerosed, and finally the seat of

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which the clinical symptoms do not seem to warrant the diagnosis of

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which, I believe, belongs largely to nervous dyspepsia* though I shall refer

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(2) Spasm of the larynx, associated with mild catarrhal laryngitis.

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almost invariably during the latter part of the second and third

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their advocates, and every physician has his fevorite remedy or combi-

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considerable mucus and blood, an elevated temperature, intense gastric

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Passive congestions secondary to chronic cardiac lesions or to obstruc-

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ence, whether chemico-toxic or parasitic, are more liable to chronic in-

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resents my final report to the Association as I do not

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ably roughened. The most pronounced cases are those that occur when

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the first two lumbricales escape, being supplied by the median nerve.

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is a dusky tint or slight jaundice. The tongue is dry, often brown, and

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Auscultation. — With increased movement of the lung there may be a

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anemia, leukemia, arteriosclerosis (with which cardiac hypertrophy is

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ages, sweetened with glycerin or saccharin, are admissible.

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three tubes inverted over a dish of mercury. Obviously, the first

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be absent after the crisis. In severe types of the disease it may, at the

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cause marked diminution in the area of hepatic dulness.

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or mucous membrane, however slight, and be absorbed. Males are infi-

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imperfect. Ott an<l others have, however, found them to be degenentri

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is lukewarm 10 or 15 drops of diastase (Forbes) are added to it, the gmel

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I have met with two instances that could be referred to neither sub-varietj.

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over the seat of tbe new growth causes a muffled tyni|uinitic resonance;

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easily drawn, but the most important points for discrimination may be

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taken ill on the following day about the same hour, and died at 10 p. M.

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The diagnosis of simple, benign, or constitutional anemia showA

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ment. Nausea and vomiting are often marked. As the case advances

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us ''silent regions." An abscess may be ''latent," however, in almost