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of the stenosis are very often wanting, and the diagnosis is rendered cor-

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Finally, in the later manifestations of slight general anemia a devd-

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Grave nervous symptoms may also have appeared. The urine is greatly

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palpation, and is (]uito ten<ler as a rule ; and the liver is likewise mode-

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The lesions are of two forms : (a) Gummatn, — These produce hard,

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to the lower extremities {erysipelas migrans), and in such instances the

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the memory-center of the diflFerent groups of sensory impressions emanat-

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of each of the above solutions) with about 1 dram (4 c.c.) of water in

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matory changes, followed by ulceration and in many cases by perforation

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are Bwollen, prodncing a free discharge, and the deeper cervic&l glands

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tenkofer, which contends that the spirilla found in the serous evacua-

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Perinephric Abscess. — Without a clear history of chronic renal dis-

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(4) Hydrotherapy. — ^There is at the present day general agreement

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College of Georgia in 1954, and interned at the Columbia Hospital of Richland

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fomitingj collapse^ abdominal distention^ with circumscribed resistance

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Next day, however, the paraplegia returned. These attacks, with almost

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tricle. If the left ventricle be hypertrophied, it is owing to the existence

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may occur as a secondary event, and is shown by dulness on percussion.

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is complained of, and is sometimes not unlike renal colic ; hematuria is

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{rofession at large. When iron disagrees, arsenic may be given instead.

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reflex, or general nervous disturbances, especially in a thin, emaciated

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left interspaces, respectively. An assistant draws up the skin from the

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ilibli- mtT u]nn'r thinl nr>t«'rnuiu. with areafl of trnnsinisjiion. Second s-ua^i

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ing factors are to be rigidly avoided. The patient should be instructed

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later; it is due either to neuritis or to involvement of the anterior

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slight quantities of albumin and icteric or yellow bile-stained hyaline

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means to prevent a dissemination of the poison by fomites must be

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the Jacksonian form of epilepsy. They are supposed to be due to a local

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variety may be of unknown origin or secondary to chronic interstitial

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cord is occasionally affected in its cortical portion at the same time.

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Ix this complaint, besides air or gas, there is usually present pus, and

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occar in the cord, as may also dilatation of its central canal. As implied

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