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glottic folds, and rarely the swelling occurs in or even wholly below the

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mucus in the pharynx is a common symptom, and causes hawking i&

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associated lesion in other forms of valvular disease in the young adult.

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sibility that an infectious disease may be developing, the beginning of

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0.972) doses, or by gallic acid in 20- or 30.grain (1.29-1.94) doses.

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up to 11 drams (6.0) daily, according to the indications, is highly rec-

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in cnaracter, with ten or more nuclei. The mucosa and muscularis ad-

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catarrh also produce the undue peristaltic movements — a fact of great

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frame is made of light wood, and when folded is 4 inches (10.156 cm.) in

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It may be either acute or chronic, the latter being clinically the much

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Definition. — A circumscribed sac in the wall of the esophagus.

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less produce special toxins (vide Etiology), and hence there is a reason-

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is the most common. The extent of the edema varies greatly, in rare cases

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nephritis). Parasites, such as the echinococcus (hydatids), distoma,

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resolution occurs recovery may be complete, but more frequently the pia

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uncommon event for those of moderate severity to be free from this

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tion of the stools, a matter too often omitted, furnishes valuable point

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Wood is ejected in mouthfuls, we may safely infer that erosion of the ves-

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pri*HMun% but n*iipncitr nrouiptly when pressure is removed. These

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which the patient lives is of the best, the prospect is more liopeful than

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the swelling fills the depression beneath the ear and extends to the

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cytic action of the leukocytes. In nearly all instances, however, this

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ordinate reduction in the number of red corpuscles. Nearly always the

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itic); III. Leukocytosis; IV. Leukocythemia (splenic, myelogenic, and

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nothing more than subjective sensations and progressive weakness, with

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thorax, carcinoma of the esophagus, or to compression or embolism of

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attended to appropriately few cases of cholera would follow. In the

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Uremic symptoms are generally less se- Uremic symptoms are, generally severe

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but soon lose this quality in consequence of the further changes de-

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ind then becomes rusty-colored, often containing tubercle bacilli,

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features (nervous symptoms and debility) outweighing the local

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to walk or play, even if he have done so previously.

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