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direct proportion to that of the stages that follow. At the end of the
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and the characteristic expectoration, the recognition of passive hyper-
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its effects ; and the same is true of the treatment by Koch's tuberculin,
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pathologic peculiarity the production of a fibrinous exudate. When
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ritis deformans. He also claims to have reproduced the disease by in-
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(38.8° C.) for two or three days at most, but in severe cases the tempera-
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be as high as 75 per cent., and the younger the child the more unfavor-
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tion if it were not true that increased peristalsis of the small intestines,
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but soon lose this quality in consequence of the further changes de-
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During this period murmurs do not occur unless the valvular aJnexa
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tions of all kinds are frequently hereditary. Among other, and perhaps
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complications is jaundice, and abscess of the liver also rarely occurs.
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or dilatation are more or less conspicuous, but the presence of tLf
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Thorough manipulation of the abdomen from below upward, particularly
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constant in the same case, so that one will have a subjective sensation of
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pathetic nerves), it is difficult to say whether the terminal fibers in-
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amount of urates, and albumin and tube-casts may be present if the kid-
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and thence proceeding to the symptoms presented by the stomach, spleen,
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then alarming symptoms manifest themselves, cardiac failure possibly
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phasized : first, that a syphilitic eruption, either macular or papular,
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Clinical History.— (1) Symptoms of Sapremia. — The Yact that this
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often prevent the possibility of curing the various chronic diseases '^f
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to belong to a neurotic group, the general health often being goo<l. "r