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ularj pustular, and tubercular. These show a tendency to bunch in
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cation of the second, though rarely it is the first that is doubled instnd.
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evaporation, and become an influential factor in combating one of the
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IMagfXlOSis. — All that the best clinicians can do is to establish a
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ciated with diffuse collateral degeneration. He also found some degener-
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throat, but in the lighter types, many of which are in truth due to the
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symptoms other than the suggestive eruption. Rarely, joint-pains and
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■igns are generally discoverable at the base of one or other lung.
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In the area comprising the anterior and lateral columns both ascend-
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In the absence of hemorrhage we may, however, infer the al together
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Symptoms. — Two clinical forms may be distinguished : (tf)primaiT;
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among other antiseptics thus employed are carbolic acid, terebene and
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ady may be slight at a very early period, but with the formation '^f ih?
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ment, and is usually unilateral, though it may be bilateral. Suppura-
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also be identical with those of the acute or subacute forms of thetffe^
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accumulation of watery fluid transuded from the blood-vessels into the
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severe acute forms of the disease. Doubtless the reason for this lies in
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latter combination in pill form. In similar instances turpentine is quite
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cil, sponsored by the Bibb County Medical Society, Macon, Georgia.
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to continue, and hence the patient shows no disposition to muscular or
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pyogenic organisms upon the osseous and nervous systems. He addaccfl
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Symptoms. — The onset is very insidious and often unnoticed.
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m animal known to be affected with the disease, or by the experimental
the (1) albuminuric, (2) syphilitic, and (3) pigmentary, though Bmdenell
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the left ventricle during the diastole of the neart or while the left ventri-