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notorious as malarial foci. Keeping in remembrance the foregoing facts,

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(Madsen, Pannum). There is the same experience in schools and hos-

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including iron, are needed to overcome the sequential anemia and debilirr.

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that the real cause resides in a congenital excess of subarachnoid fluid.

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slose attention cannot be bestowed upon the feeding and upon the condi-

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outward and consequent diplopia. In nuclear lesions the external

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identical with that of brain- tumor, and hence will be appropriately given

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blood, the exact nature of which is unknown ; these are violent head-

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tion test of the suspected urine may be made at the same time, and all

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poison is transmitted from those affected with the disease to those in

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In cases in which the large intestine is chiefly affected, and when the

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shoulder, and mild pressure-symptoms — a group of suspicious features

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spread of infectious diseases are to be strictly enforced.

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Varieties. — According to their size, renal concretions are variously

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the latter and by the inefficiency of the aortic recoil. Furthermore, it L*

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^he presence of a fluctuating tumor in the lumbar region is significant

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and in smaller quantities its presence is determined by neutralizing

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this dread affection. This result is to be accounted for by the following

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though usually not until a week has passed. There is an ichorous dis-

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1. Acute Diabetes Mellitus. — The instances are few and the course is,

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cases be combined advantageously with iron, arsenic, and strychnin.

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bile-stained, or, as in many instances, they may be composed of thick,