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found in the beniiitopoiotic organ of adults : the latter, of those found

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* •* Functional InMutficiency of the Valves of the I^eft Heart," Rei'ue dc Mklecinc^ Sept

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referred to the epigastric, hypochondriac, and lumbar regions in about

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In the worst cases hemorrhages from other mucous surfaces are common

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bo removed if not impracticable. Good hygiene, systematic evacuation

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(3) Encirsted Pleurisy. — This term has reference to effusions that are

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digested liquid food-stuffs, as meat-juices, may also be allowed.

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The progpnosis is good in mild cases, and should be guarded in

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the papillary muscles, produce valvular incompetency. Compensatoir

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38 per cent. ; and both lungs, about 8 per cent. In the right lung the

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day, the papules being scanty, and quite as liable to appear first upon the

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form of purpura, and its apparent etiologic connection with certain infi^

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can find no definite cause of the neuralgia, and as we are not certain as

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tro-intestinal disorders. Attention must also be paid to the pri-

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since 1961, Mr. Moffett was born in Dublin, Ga. Upon

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Tnecologist, since, however expert the examiner, when the saccular exu-

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the urine may also show tube-casts (rarely) and pus-cells. Macroscopic

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claimed that syringomyelia and Morvan's disease are in most cases but

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most annoying when the patient is in the recumbent posture, particularly

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ind, rarely, a tumor, can be felt, and a systolic murmur is often, though