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catarrhal or feverish stage lasts for a week or more, when it is followed
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wash thoroughly with water and stain as before. The red cells are dis-
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hours, and in controlling the irregularity or intennittency of cardiac
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pulse even reaching 160 or over. Palpitation, often with breathlessness.
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(2) Paralysis of the Abductors. — The only special abductor muscles
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-XXX — 1.33-2.0), every four to six hours, are efficacious. The thinit
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ferric chlorid, a violet color appearing. The patient is given 16
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until about the twelfth day of the eruption, and when pita or scan remit
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murmnm — arc al."" prcccnt. An irregnlar slight or moderate pyrexia
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ammoniacal urine or in urine of low specific gravity the corpuscles are
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taneously involved combined systemic disease results.
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form of rachitis. Northrup has reported 36 cases. The belief that
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(7) Special Modes of Treatment. — These would be found to be numer-
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cancerous ulcer is alluded to under the latter head.
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According to Richter*s statistics, 88 per cent, of military cases are &ttL
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should like to pay her tribute and express thanks for
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mediately afterward 3J (4.0) of sodium bicarbonate, dissolved in the same
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the signs of consolidation of one or more lobes of the lungs, are the
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Diagnosis. — ^Locality of the Obstruction. — Given the symptoms of
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lipping of hot milk in which sodium bicarbonate has been dissolved is
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disposition is dull, irritable, and stubborn ; the lips are thick, and i
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of the kidney. Heavv tumors of the organ, the pressure of adjacent
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bilateral. In universal bronchiectasis the bronchial tubes, throagboit
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nodules and diffuse areas of sclerosis in the lungs. The nodules have
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Treatment. — The physician can do most in the direction of pro-
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may follow an unresolved pneumonia, but such cases are, as a rule, in-
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may also be heard in the heart during the attack, and the lungs upon
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Among the latter are counter-irritants, as sinapisms and iodin, by