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of their walls, and the vibratory capacity both of the latter and of the
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Treatment. — So far as the physician's province extends, the treat-
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operate to bring about these conditions of abnormal defecation :
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injections of hyoscin hydrobromate (gr. j^ — 0.0006 — every two hoan
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heee aneurysms usually rupture into the heart itself.
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Diagfnosis. — This rests chiefly upon the physical signs, which are
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cases a gland may be removed for microscopic examination.
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wounds may be present, the latter often being received without the pa-
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times voracious, and at other times it is impaired or perverted. The
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neuritis, however, the paralysis is either unilateral or bilateral, and in the
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ular and spasmodic muscular movements, that are most marked in, or en-
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omental lyniph-glan<ls, and not infrequently from a displaced ripbt
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The existence of leukocytosis can best be determined by the examination
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of a neglected or oft-repeated acute attack. It may occur from the
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heat, etc.) become aggravated. The point of election is usually on the
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exercises, together with the methodical practice of deep inspirations for
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and broncho-vesicular breathing with moist rfiles can be detected on
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micro-organism is supposed to play the same part in producing the dis-
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matter. In the early stase intense capillary congestion of the surface of
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indispensable for the production of this effect. If the lung be shninka