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are, not infrequently, the seat of parenchymatous change, with or with-
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usually remains quite clear to the close. Moderate delirium, faoTem,
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tism ; (6) cirrhosis ; {c) carcinoma of the liver, involving the portal area ;
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tuberculosis had been previously advanced by Buehl and others, it
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of brain-tumor and in deaf-mutes. The latter cases are not strictly in-
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cess does not interfere with the bile-passages or the portal circulation.
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larger ones only are implicated, while there is an absence of the peculiar
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one drop to the dose every day or two up to the point of tolerance, u
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repeated putting forth of strong efforts are powerful factors in causing
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complained of, massage and electricity being employed meanwhile to keep
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Pfeiffer believes that this mode of prophylactic treatment promises to
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Btiology. — The fibrinous variety may result from the direct exten-
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presence of calculi (uric acid) in the tubules has probably started the
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The axiom that a man is as old as his arteries has been borne out by tke
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Hi'ptico-pyemia. I observed one case in which pleurisy was associated,
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and pharynx, may be present as a secondary event. The mucosa of the
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mucus, pus, and cheesy material. A catarrhal salpingitis is generally in
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may be damaged by pressure from exudative products (meningitis),
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however, for the reason that the myocardiac changes that cause it belong
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in the State, as well as such other media as may be
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quartan form. The temperature of the intervals is normal. The peculiar
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variety of objects (toys, clothing, library books, letters, slates and
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article of food is milk, which it is well to dilute with plain water (or
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ment. The morbid lesions, including the character of the exudate, mij
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in the absence of fever and the physical signs before enumerated, the
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The physiologic effects of the drug can be quickly obtained by
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citis. Such cases may show merely a greatly exaggerated uneasiness,
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Obstruction of the portal vein may be due, as before mentioned, to (a)
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however, the reverse may obtain, as when left-sided hypertrophy i5 asso-
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Definitioil. — Imperfect closure of the mitral valve due to rupture
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used in combating the insomnia and attacks of delirium. These cases