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daily (Nuttall), and tbe desiccated sputum is wafted into the atinosnhert

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of the tul)e with a rin^j^-like mass. This may either be hard, dense, an-i

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with the blood, or upon extension of tuberculous inflammation or ulcera-

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temperature is always high— 105° or even 108° F. (40.5°-42.2° C);

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white in appearance, and exudes a milk-white fluid known as ^^ cancer-


(2) Injury to the nerve-trunk or bulb either directly or by blows

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caused by some such inflammatory disturbance as enteritis or peritonitis,

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The predisposing causes o^ organic valvular disease may be discussed

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hich the sternum is usually divided vertically, and the heart is either

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may be severe and simulate biliary colic or appendicitis. The examiner

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vary greatly, being almost peculiar to each. This fact must« however,

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partum causal fiictors in the mother rickets may in a large proportion d