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nance exhibits pallor, and he complains of headache, flashes of light be-

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every second day. Calomel may be used in the early stage of dynamic

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^mlTiiIar disease, the auscultatory signs of the latter are but little changed,

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quantity of mucus, escaped leukocytes, and des(|uamated epithelium, is

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rived from the gastro-intestinal canal. Rarely, bilirubin-eiystab are

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ond year, but of these only 99 commenced during the first half veir.

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Modes of Infection. — Most frequently there is established a fistulous

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tubercle bacilli probably find their way from the peritoneum to the

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Antiseptic Methods. — This aims to destroy the pneumococcus or, at

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seen on the outer surface of the kidney, and, owing to the damming back

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to a correct conclusion. (7) Phthisis and cirrhosis of the lung, with or

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5 lobules may be present at an advanced stage. The color of the exu-

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lar structure. These hemorrhages may occasion pigmentary deposits in

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teriaed by regularly (and sometimes irregularly) recurring attacks of

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noticeable. A transverse linear depression across the abdomen, on a

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also, the severer forms of malaria prevailed extensively, but a marked

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Etiology. — (a) Focal neuritis may be due to — (1) Exposure or

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history and all the circumstances under which individual cases occur.

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»ften, however, he has been apparently healthy. The onset is sudden,

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puscles. The urine is always quite acid. According to Garod, hemato-

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may be good, but in many cases it is soon lost, the tongue, in a large pro*