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* The Berlin Commmion on the Prevention of SyphUiSf Dec. 1, 1892.
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hood. Among foreign resorts, Davos possesses about the same advan-
sublinox 10 mg effets secondaires
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Definition. — A chronic hypertrophy and hyperplasia of a portion
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monia occurs in persons who are subjects of malarial poisoning the ini^
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inflammatory states (enterocolitis, peritonitis). In some instances relief
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nausea and vomiting may be relieved by unfermented grape-juice,
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inence of the cough, and in some instances by the bloody expectoration ;
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of the pleural cavity, one on the right and one on the left side.
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diabetes. The outlook is greatly influenced by the type of the indi-
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phthisis there are fever and loss of flesh and strength, while in chronic
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ui the gray matter the ground reticulum consists of collaterals, terminal
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Xerrouit sf/)f}j>(ifnts, such as headache, vertigo, and syncopal attacks,
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cially wben asleep, wetting his pillow while the rest of the bed is dir.
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The general appearance is distinctive. The subcutaneous fat is not
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resorted to unless the circulation be good. If the pulse be small, weak,
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destruction of lung-tissue has taken place. To show that this loss of
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he progressive weakening of the heart-muscle, resulting in partial ex-
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urine will reveal the character iatic clinical features. Cystitis may b«
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mucus, pus, and other morphologic elements are absent from the de-
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ysms of the ascending arch most frequently appear. In the early
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nephritides, one of which (a micrococcus of characteristic growth and